Black Lives Matter group says it wants to “disrupt” Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations

The Black Lives Matters group has started a campaign calling for Christmas decorations to be removed from businesses and homes across the United States, including in Black neighborhoods.

The group is calling for people to wear their own festive decorations in their homes, businesses, parks and on their way to work, saying it wants them to take back the holiday.

The Black Lives Movement is calling on people to display their own Christmas decorations in front of their home, in their cars, in front the entrances of stores, and at the entrances to restaurants and grocery stores.

They also want to decorate their own yard and storefronts with their own decorations.

The organizers of the Black Lives March have already called for Christmas shopping to be stopped in cities across the country and are urging other cities to follow suit.

The group has also called for the removal of Christmas trees and decorations in schools and churches.

In the latest effort, they are also asking people to leave Christmas decorations at their homes in favor of decorating the front of the house with their holiday decorations.

They are also calling for Black Lives, Black men, Black women and people of color to be more vocal in their call for people not to shop for Christmas ornament boxes, and to demand that they be able to choose their own holiday decorations from the store.

“We have to take a stand and demand that all the holidays that are celebrated for Black folks and for Black lives be celebrated for us, not the white people who are celebrating them,” said DeShaun Thomas, a spokesperson for the Black LIVES MEMENTO group.

“We have the power to make our own choices in our own communities, but we are the ones that have to bear the brunt of the burden of the holidays.”

The Black People’s March also called on people not participating in Black Lives Day to leave their Christmas decorations behind, as they say that is not in the best interests of Black people.

They are calling on Black people to “take back Christmas.”

“We don’t want to have our homes and our businesses vandalized,” said James Johnson, a spokesman for the group.

“Our families have been robbed.

We don’t know what is going on with the Christmas lights in our communities,” he said.”

I’m a little frustrated because my daughter has a tree that she loves to decorat, and they put it up outside and the whole neighborhood goes nuts, and I don’t think they care about it,” Johnson added.

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