The Top Five Reasons to Get Balayage Hair Extensions!

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Reason #1: It will SAVE YOU MONEY: Have you ever wanted to try a multi-dimensional balayage look with your hair extensions only to find out that it could cost upwards of $1500 to get done professionally? Purchasing tape in hair extensions, paying your professional stylist to install them, AND paying for a professional balayage service really adds up to a lot of time and money spent! Let's do the math: an average professional balayage color service costs $200-$300. That means by purchasing our balayage hair extensions you'll be saving this much right off the bat! What a wonderful reason to buy!

Reason #2: You can create so many looks from our HUGE selection of balayage tape in extension colors and lengths! Take an Instagram photo you love or any other balayage look you are trying to achieve and reach out to us at and we will send you our color recommendations!

Reason #3: Change your balayage colors with the seasons! You can go lighter for the Spring and Summer, try some warmer colors for the Fall, and go darker for the Winter months. You will never get bored with your hair!

Reason #4: Try balayage hair extensions in multiple hair extension methods! Glossie Hair Extensions has balayage colors in clip in hair extensions too! This means you can purchase a few different balayage sets to change up your look by using pieces from different sets to create a multi-dimensional look. Balayage clip in hair extensions are a great fit for special occasions like prom or a wedding. Balayage hair extensions add a special touch to a professional updo!


AND REASON #5: Balayage gives you a natural look! Utilizing a balayage hair color enhances what the sun and natural light ALREADY do to your hair. Abruptly changing your entire hair color can be overwhelming. Stick to enhancing your natural hair beauty by using Glossie Balayage Hair Extensions!


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